Kenneth Terris Walker Jr.
is an entrepreneur
and realestate developer with a passion for

giving back and affinity for this community
who envisioned himself giving back to his
community through redevelopment and

After being raised in a povertystricken
neighborhood in North Philadelphia and
overcoming the adversities of his adoles-
cence, Kenneth completed high school and
then continued on to obtain a degree from
Cheyney University. At a time of such accomplishment, Kenneth was then stricken with extreme loss and devastation. An act of senseless gun violence resulted in the tragic murder of his long-time friend, Keita Lacey. At that moment, Kenneth realized that immediate action was necessary in a neighborhood that was infested with drugs and crime.

Kenneth’s mission for change began with purchasing his first house on the street in which he was raised; he then gained a sense of direction with helping his community towards empowerment, and decided to achieve this through restoration and preservation. Kenneth expanded his business by renovating abandoned houses to provide housing for low-income families. While carrying this mantle, Kenneth Walker became not only an entrepreneur, but also a mentor, minister, coach, educator and counselor.