The Cleveland Community Center
or C C Center will be offering a recreational and educational center that allows all children to come and explore their talents and dreams. We intend to achieve this by offering state of the art computers and software for homework studies. We will have a library wth a full reference section; including Encyclopedias,
Atlas, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, and other reference books on all subjects. Assistance will be available for helping the students who are having difficulties with any subject.

A full recording studio also equipped with the latest technology for students who have acting, poetry, or singing talents and would enjoy
the opportunity to try something new and energetic, along with doing something positive while being coached and assisted with these programs. We encourage all of our youth to maintain high academic
and moral standards in order to qualify for any of our academic and non-academic programs.

We will offer a Film production course that is fully equipped with the
latest technology along with an instructor, so the children can study and learn filming. This course area will also be an entertainment area, where the children can entertain the community with poetry reading, dance, acting and singing, a practice area where shows will be given. We will encourage the community to participate and support by attending all performance events.

To sum it up, this center will be is a place where you can learn a trade and get assistance for any educational endeavor you may have. We desire our children to learn to play many different types of musical instrument, and encourage them to learn to read and write music.

We want our community to be a place where dreams, goals and most of all hopes can be fulfilled.